Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a lot of students and also lecturers are going to meet tun dr. mahathir today..happy faces appeared when the good news was spread..hahaha..we can go home early and of course, rest and sleep..the morning class was quite interesting..we were told to practice for our english role play..hey, is there a cat flu??? hahaha..maybe someday it will be soon discovered by ameerul and azfar..thank god laili was not around when it was my and ansari's turn..or else, surely she's going to be pissed off..hehe..hmm,chemistry test tomorrow..have to study tonight..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

need a break

its nearly a month since im in intec. i thought it was not so tough and assignments were not many. my prediction was wrong. it was quite tough and the assignments?? i know that assignments are normal things. im just new to this. i think it happens to all new students, i guess. do i have time?when am i going to have fun, enjoying with all my friend like old times? no time to enjoy but i'll try .everyone needs their own time right? im not just going to study hard and forget about how to enjoy. but as usual, studies come first. i went to the library for the first time. i dont really like going to library. at my secondary school, the library was a place for me to sleep because it is only the place that has an air-conditioner. i think most of us did the same thing. but now, things changed. now i must always go to the library to find sources for my assignments and also reference books. hey! im a hardworking person now. hahaha. my friends will not believe this.

Friday, June 5, 2009


btn?again?boring.........i went for btn since primary of them was at meru. the same camp i'm going. then, during secondary school, which was at penang. arriving there felt like i was forced. participants were from different college n sponsors. but after 2 days there, it was different than the btn i attended. it was fun. the facilitators were all great. they have this high spirit of being a malaysian citizen. of course,the patriotic spirit in me got higher. i got to know my country better, the history of our ancestors and heroes that sacrifised their life for the independence of this country. made new friends too there. i really enjoyed my stay for 5 days there though the siren disturb my sweetdreams at 5 a.m every morning :p . but in a good way,it thought me discipline.

my second week

My second week in Intec, and the first day of class. And of course, I'm not ready. But what can i do, life must go on right?. My first class was the russian language.My russian lecturer,Miss Anastasia was indeed a great person. We started learning from the basics. My classmates and I felt like we were in kindergarten when we learn the russian alphabet. Enjoyable? hahaha.Of course! Then, the new words came. Seriously, it was quite tough. 3 months only?? How??